Tomorrow – The Fireal shoot!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011


I’m counting the hours now everyone, yes, it’s only a matter of hours until we begin our Fireal video shoot to their song “Breathe” co-written by the great Max Martin – this is gonna be swell as hell.

According to my papers, notes, sheets and what have you I believe that everything is in order for our shoot. Today we held our final meeting with Caleb Hydra outta Fireal and it felt really good, I think we’re gonna do just fine.

Us good people at Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab even bought ourselves a new camera today just to get some new vibes to our video production, a brand new GoPro HD Hero, expect an insert on the new gear later, but hey, we can’t make a good video without some fingers crossed, so do wish us good luck and keep your fingers crossed for this project. It’s gonna be hefty!

Have a grand night folks, tomorrow some serious shit is going down, expect a “making of” blog post filled with shots quite soon alright!

—>>> Fireal

—>>> Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab

—>>> Warner Music Finland

El director, over n’ out.

// Tage – The Fireal video director

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