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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Oh yes! Good news! Great news!

Finally, things are moving again. I’ve been on a date with the Helsinki-based rock act called Walkalone today, a video is in the works, yes! In about a month or so me and Rasmus Tåg are gonna shoot the first Walkalone music video ever made, how cool is that!

The band has recently released a new single called “Echoes” (produced by Jonas Olsson, a man who has worked with bands such as Disco Ensemble), and this tune is very soon gonna be joined by some moving frames…

( Walkalone )

If you wanna listen to the song, and I suggest that you do, then check out their Myspace at the following clicker ( The Walkalone Myspace ).

I’ve worked with these guys earlier, shooting one of their shows live in Helsinki, and I even did their latest promo shots, see them under my promotional photography clicker. The perfume-naked-man-shots. The band is really great and I know that the video is gonna be kickass!

The video is set out to become a rapid rock show with loads of awesome shots and tones with plenty of sting, I really believe in this thing! Rhyme up there. We’re gonna shoot it in Waasa at the MediaCity Studios during the end of July – W will rock you!

Have a great evening folks.

// Tage – W

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