Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Oh, yes. This evening was full of promotional shooting type of things. I went to Pitäjänmäki in Helsinki to take some promotionals of a band called Walkalone. And I even decided to upgrade my video blogging by giving the clip a small “edit touch!” Some marks here and there and voilá, my first edited video blog.. Have a go why don’t you!

( The Walkalone Shave )

None of the shots taken this fine evening has been edited, barely even browsed through, so I won’t be sharing anything tonight except for this video. The band thought that Jussi, the front guy, needed some hair styling.. And he actually shaved his head for this shoot, so I really hope that the pictures will turn out great.. I can feel the pressure rising in me, cause I have yet some demanding picture editing to do before I can present to you the new Walkalone promotional shots. The man giving us a brief interview in the video is K.O, the drummer of Walkalone, and behind him you can spot Janne – the bass player!

So, the best you can do is to keep your fingers crossed and check back to my domain every once in a while, and you will very soon see what became of the shaved head and our somewhat creative perfume commercial idea for this shoot. In the mean time you can check out the band’s website by hitting the following link!

( The Walkalone website )

Have a great evening boys and girls!

// Tage – The fourth blog insert in 24 hours, some kind of a record!

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3 Responses to “THE WALKALONE SHAVE”

  1. “The fourth blog insert in 24 hours, some kind of a record!” – I thought the same thing…but it’s a fact!

    The vlog is kind of hilarious…maybe it’s just me, but I have bad memories with the shaving machine, lol. And are you on MAC?

  2. Va de så att ja får jobba me dig på sönda? De sku va en stor ära!

  3. Stefani —>> This sure is somekind of a record, lots of things occured today and I had the energy to write it all down.. Let me just say, I love v-blogging! And yes but NO, I’m not on a mac and hopefully I’ll never be.. The Mac, it doesn’t have a right clicker on the mouse, how are you supposed to work without it :)

    Anders –>> De ska bli en stor ära för mig också att få arbeta med ett sådant geni som dig, the great Andy Maplefield!

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