Friday, December 11th, 2009

Hell yes! We have done it boys and girls, finally!

Yesterday was all about everything, I even graduated from school! Whoo-pieee! And right after that we made a music video for The Cajunga, and now it’s resting time and Christmazy-shopping-time for 4 days. But let me tell you a story about the video shoot first…


( One of the settings – the bass dude is hiding somewhere )

Yes. Me and Ramedus (The media mogul Rasmus Tåg’s company) carefully drew out the plans for this video about a week ago, and yesterday everything was pull through (pull – pulled – pulley – finger pull? ). The video is for the band called the Cajunga and the song goes by the name of “Let me keep my heart”. The video should be ready, alive and even kickin’ for everyone by the 5th of January, and at that very day, the song will be released as a single from their debut album “Dancing with the boys”, quite a coincidence, at the same day, noo, sure not.

We shot the thing here in Helsinki with my Canon 5D Mark Tage, the first time we put the thing to a real test, and I’ll tell you, it looked awesome. And luckily we had a gaffer with us on the set, The Anders “depth of…” Lönnfeldt. Both the Rammer and the T-Man are very grateful of the work he put in for the video, thanks Lönnis!


( One out of two extras we worked with in the video )

The picture above displays Maria Yliaho, she had an important part in the story, and she managed to flourish some splendid expressions to our soon-to-be viewers – on behalf of our team and the band, we send out big thank you’s to both Maria and Samuel Klinkmann who both gave us some great “extras”-efforts.


( Simon on drums )

Even more salutes goes out to our make-up girl Pia Lehto who did a fantabulous job with making the band look like rockers. Thanks Pia. So, what else should I tell you guys..? Ahh, I’m thinking really hard.. Wait for it.. Yes, of course. But at first I’ll smash another pic in your face.


( The Cajunga )

After the video shoot made it to the wrap stage we had a small-time wrap party over at a fine restaurant getting some nice burgers – thank you lord for the hamburger. As a nifty input I realize that I haven’t told you that the song to the video is rocking great, just so you know. And yes, after the wrap party we had an after-wrap party at the Ramedus office together with our beloved gaffer Anttu Lönnis.. By the way, gaffer is the one in charge of the lighting during a shoot, see, you learn stuff in this blog – that was really cheap.


( I’m showing some takes for the dudes, this shot was taken by Ramedus )

So, during the “after-the-wrap party-party” at the Rammer’s place we scoped through the takes of this fine day, and what can I tell you, it will without a doubt be the best video I’ve ever worked on or with,of which there are like 2 others :-) , but seriously, the takes looked awesome. The Rammer even started doin’ some color corrections and the shots really looked expensive, and hey, that’s a good thing for some half-ass mountain boys from Österbotten. It’ll be really interesting to start editing the video next week.


( The hand of God )

I think my story ends here. Nothing left to tell, nothing left to polish Santa’s penis with, nothing left to say.. Hey, that sounded like some awful lyrics for a hip song. And today I will end this blog spot with a shot of Rasmus Tåg behind the drums, haha, just look at the dude. Maybe he should have auditioned for The Cajunga..?

Ramedus hits the spot..

( The dream..? )

Since no one probably made it this far in the reading part I think I’m gonna spill some nasty words now. Dick.

// Tage – was it the Turtles who cried out “Cowabunga”? The Cowabunga?

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6 Responses to “THE VIDEO SHOOT”

  1. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistit! :)

  2. For what should I congratulate you first?

    I see you give a lot more space to the video shooting part, so here goes…
    The pics in this post are really great, good job to both you and Ramedus (yeah, that being bold). I especially like “the hand of God”. I guess you had a great time, since you’re so excited about it and I’m sure the video will really turn out to be even better than you think ;D

    And second. The day must’ve been really exhausting, eh? But, hey, you graduated! Congratulations, that’s great. You’re now free of any exams and books you don’t really like.

    2 in 1. Not bad…not bad.

    So yes?

  3. I look forward to seeing the video.Congrats! The woman is rather striking to a snow-bound curmudgon like myself..pant..pant :-)

  4. That Ramedus guy looks like one hell of a drummer!

  5. Anders —->>> Nå aijaaa! :-)

    Stefani —–>>> Thanks alot for the congrats! Thank you! And hopefully the video will be better than we even can imagine :) Hopefully!

    Andy Mathisen —->>> You’ll get to see the video the 5th of January on youtube and on my site, and although you’re a curmudgon :) , I hope you’ll like it.. :)

    Ramedus —->>> I think he would fit well in the rock-world!

  6. Grattis!

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