The upcoming release party!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

..So, yes?

Back on track, track on back, my fellow horsemen. I’m here to tell you about a small thing that I hope you will attend this upcoming Saturday on the 7th of August. Yes. The world premier of the new Walkalone video “Echoes” is about to go down at Semifinal in Helsinki. Directed by Tage, shot by Rasmus Tåg. You really should be there!

Shortly after the show is held and the band has rocked out we will also smash the video on to the famous site called youtube, dunno if you’ve heard about it (the site I mean), but the video will be there.. So, if you don’t have the guts to show your face over at Semifinal this Saturday at around 20.00 I hope that you’ll be able to click some links and check out the video on the youtube afterwards.

Yes, almost forgot, during the Semifinal gig you’ll not only be able to check out the new video and see an awesome Walkalone show, no way, you’ll also be seing some other acts. Yes. The Monday Box and The Pistones will also be appearing on stage that very night – so I bet you’ll be getting what you came for – an awesome night! And hey, I’ll also be there, so, show up? I can pull a small chitty chatty on your face? Yes.

Links 2,3,4 (small Rammstein reference)..


The Monday Box

The Pistones


Youtube :)

Have a good one mothertruckers. And remember – Helsinki, Semifinal, 20.00, Saturday, 7th of August..! Be there!

//Tage – excited

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