The tripod day!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Sweet Jesus!

Finally. A while ago me and my partner in camera, Ramedus, ordered ourselves a new tripod mountable to everything thanks to it’s very cool “suction cups”. And today we got it from the post office. This blog insert contains video clips and pics from our day goofing around with the new device. It’s fantabulous!

( The package holder )

We ordered the thing from Top Shot at ( where you can find all sorts of camera stuff. We need this tripod for our upcoming The Cajunga video where we are doing several car shots, if you check out the video clips in this insert you’ll know why the tripod is so awesomely cool..!

It’s called a “Fat Gecko Camera Mount” supplied by Delkin Devices. Feel the words on the tip of your gecko mouth. The Fat Gecko. Felt it? Alright.

( You can mount the thing to whatever you like )

Above you can see me mounting the thing to a door, and below you can check out a short film I made with the camera mounted to the door. How convenient right! The film holds the well known actors Oskar Nyman and Joel Isaksson from The Cajunga.. The film is gonna be epic! What am I talking about, it is already epic! It has about 8 views on youtube! Nice!

( Stövel – the movie )

And then we tried mounting all the heaviest possible things I had in my camera bag on to the Fat Gecko, and the magical Fat Gecko pulled it off like a transvestite on acid. Check it out folks..

( The tripod holds up to 50 000 kilograms of stuff )

After our small tests I hooked up with my good man The Joke Lavalamp. We went for a tiny drive just to try out the Fat Gecko, how it works when we mounted in on to the cars torpedo plate. I like the result. It really works. My God. The new Cajunga video is gonna be awesome with our new playmate. Thank you Fat Gecko, we really adore you!

Check out the car film we shot with The Joke Lavalamp an hour ago!

( Testing the Fat Gecko on a car! )

So, the test results are in, I can totally say that the Fat Gecko is gonna be used in all of our upcoming video projects, weather it will be used for 1 or 2000 shots, it will be used! I mean, the possibilities are endless with this thing, only your mind can stop you from coming up with places you can mount the tripod to.  Tomorrow I’m gonna try mounting the thing on to Alex Ivars forehead. You folks have a great day now you hear! A great day!

// Tage – The Fat Gecko Man

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14 Responses to “The tripod day!”

  1. cooolt ;)

  2. Nå att de e!

  3. Åååja! Me like! Mycket chef, nu är det bara kranen och Quentin som fattas!

  4. Egentligen ede ju bara kranen! :)

  5. talk about awesome gear! I was thinking…imagine yourself in the following situation:
    You’re driving on the highway like one of those happy tripod owners (you can spot them just anywhere), and all of a sudden your tire decides to burst. Of course you have a spare one, but can’t change it, because you left the jack at home. And this great idea comes to your head “Why not use the tripod to lift my car?!” and then you change the tire without any further difficulties.

    Oh my god, this would be one hella good tripod commercial, haha!

    But for real, congrats! Use it nowhere and everywhere! And good luck with the aim for Alex’es forehead :D

  6. Haha! You read the whole insert.. Judging by the Alex thing.. :)
    Are there people who actually read the mishy mashy stuff i’m writing, not even I read it.. Weird. :)

    I love your idea for a commercial, it would lead to at least 3 million percent in sales bursts! Hope they make one of those!

  7. I think everyone apart from you reads the text… :D

  8. Haha.. I think not.
    I should figure out a way to do a poll on how to measure exactly how many dudes and ladies read the articles, and how many just check out the shots as well as how many just don’t give a fuck..

  9. Haha, you’d be surprised for real!
    But you’re on wordpress, don’t you have stats or something? Most of the people are tempted to read the text, when looking at the shots (except for the ones, who don’t know english, but are there any left?)

  10. Yes.
    I think everyone knows English at this point of humanity.. And yes, I have stats, but that doesn’t determine exactly how many actually read this stuff.. :)

  11. uuuh, har du köpt den där!
    Har alltid funderat på att köpa en sån… ingen aning vad jag sku göra med den, men vill bara ha en sån!!

  12. You’re always so pessimistic about your visitors…I read your blog almost every day. READ, so not just have a quick check on the pictures. And I think, I’m not the only nameless visitor. Stefani is from Bulgaria, I’m from Hungary, so you can say, you are a worldwide known dude! :)

  13. :) Jag brukar också tänka sådä om de mesta – vill bara ha!
    Men nu har jag faktiskt en hel del användning för den feta Geckon! Ska bli spännande att se hur bilderna blir sen då man får använda den “på riktit” i nästa musavideo om 1 vecka.. :)

  14. Tünde –>>

    Wow! A Hungarian reader.. Nice! You should definitely keep on reading..! It’s nice to be a “world-wide known dude”! :)

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