Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Hell yes!

This was some night.. I went to Tavastia to shoot some live frames of the fabulous bands called Kiuas and The Nibiruan. I got home about an hour ago and the clock has reached way past bed time, so don’t expect grandeur and 2000 pics, but at least I’ll give you some video clips uploaded straight outta the camera and a few shots I edited while the videos were loading – how convenient, wouldn’t you say!

( Ilja Jalkanen – Kiuas )

Ain’t gonna say much at this late hour, but I can tell you that these two gigs were probably the greatest metal shows I’ve seen so far this year. The Nibiruan did their first gig ever tonight, and oh my God.. (All of the guys in The Nibiruan play in other bands as well, so technically it wasn’t their first gig, but you know what I mean ). They were, how should I put it – awesome!

( Ilja Jalkanen – Kiuas )

Kiuas is a well known band and I hadn’t seen them live before.. And tonight they did their first show in many months I believe, they have been working on a brand new record and tonight was like a release party for the new disc called “Lustdriven” – buy it!

And after a night like this I had to buy their t-shirt.. That’s how good they were. But I’ll return with a complete gig report from both gigs as soon as I’ve finished the editing of all of tonight’s shots sometime next week perhaps..

And yes, I even got some video blogging material, so hope you enjoy these next video clips, one of them is a live clip from the Kiuas show and the other one is shot right after the gigs.. It is Mikko Salovaara of Kiuas, Silver Ots and Lauri Koskenniemi of The Nibiruan giving you guys some thoughts about their feelings straight after the gig.. Be sure to enjoy! (and the interview/status report is in the Finnish language, so if you don’t get it, use Google translator?)…

( Status reports after the gigs )

( Kiuas – Aftermath )

( Asim Searah – The Nibiruan )

If you don’t know these guys you should most definitely check out their websites at the following clicks…

KIUAS —>>> (


Now, you folks have a great night, I’ve gotta get up in like 4 hours and go to Wasa.. Peace out!

// Tage – The Kiuas Shooter

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  1. NIIIN SIISTEJÄ KUVIA! Jään oottelemaan lisää :)

  2. Kiitos.. Niitä on kyllä tulossa!

  3. Jeee :)

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