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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Oh yes, gonna try something simple and new, at least for my site it is, new that is. Welcome to my first ever “video tip of the day” insert. Hope you ponder upon the matter several minutes..!

So, relax for a few minutes, take a break in your emo-life. Check out my video tip for the night. And you might ask yourself why I’m doing a thing like this, all the explanations needed found below the video..! Enjoy..!

( The White Stripes – Icky Thump )

I found myself in an inspiration needy Tuesday night today, so I took some hours off to “youtube around” for a while. I watched around 30 music videos to get some inspirational ideas for upcoming projects, and the best video I found today was one of the White Stripes videos to their awesome song “Icky Thump”.

The video, the song, the editing, the cinematography, the story, the message, the everything about this music video is genious. This is how every video should look, flow and inspire. The film has a very good feel to it, a rhythm seldom found in a super good way, and then the last shot of the video really hits the spot, the point when the message becomes really clear – stop exploiting! (At least that’s how I read it). I like everything about this piece! Thank you The White Stripes for giving me a great evening!

So, now you know – perhaps I should do this more often?

//Tage – The video tip man

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