The Sturm und Drang show!

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Yes, welcome.

So, some 2 weeks ago Sturm und Drang pulled off a spectacular rock show over at D.O.M in Helsinki, I captured the entire evening digitally in a bunch of frames presented to you guys right here, I hope you’ll enjoy this set of shots. Start browsing folks!

( Sturm und Drang LIVE @ D.O.M Helsinki March 2011 – All shots by Tage Rönnqvist )

This was the second gig the boys rocked with the new bass player Joel Wendlin, the man is talented all right! The guys also presented a heap of new songs, and if you weren’t there, awesome stuff I tell you. Hope you enjoyed these shots, and remember – stay tuned, stay informed folks!

—>>> Sturm und Drang

Have a good one people.

// Tage – Finding myself, inside the hourglass… (Hardcore SuD-trivia)

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8 Responses to “The Sturm und Drang show!”

  1. Hieeenoja kuvia ! Hajosin tolle vikalle kuvalle :D

  2. :) Kiitokset JW, ihanaa!

  3. AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting! ^^ Seems like the show went great.

  4. Thanks! The show was awesome :)

  5. Skitsnygga bilder! Bra jobbat!!

  6. Tack som synden!! :)

  7. De e bra att du e konsekvent me bildstorlekarna i alla fall! Snygga bilder dock!

  8. Trevligt.

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