The Strömbäck promo frames!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012


Some time ago, while we were shooting the David Strömbäck music video at Stundars in Wasa, I grabbed a few promotional shots of the man.

And so here you go, feel the dude.

( David Strömbäck by Tage – 1/2 )

( David Strömbäck by Tage – 1/2 )

And if you missed the video release a few weeks ago, why not check it out right about now..

( David Strömbäck – Long Time Coming – Directed by Tage for Eva Lingon Ltd. )

And why not check out the David site while your at it.

—>>> David Strömbäck

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – StrömTage

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