The So Long Sisters Show (Part 2)

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

So, yes? Well I’ll tell ya, soon.. No?

As I promised a few days ago I’d publish a whole set of pictures from the So Long Sisters show held last Sunday in Kristiinankaupunki at Night Bird. And well, here you go people, the whole shebang!

( Janica – So Long Sisters )

..If and when you are browsing through all of the shots, keep in mind the following. I went from Waasa to Kristiinankaupunki around 6pm so I’d reach the showroom at 7pm, although the concert was about to start way past midnight. I did this so that I could give you a small insight into how it all went down..

So the shots are divided into the following parts: Soundcheck, dinner, make-up and recreation at the Dahlgren residence  and last but not least, the rock show.. So enjoy these shots and hit the heart if you liked any..

Hope you liked some of the shots, and hey, maybe you’ll show up at their gig next time they’re on stage somewhere in the world of rock! Have a great night folks, stay tuned and stay informed. Cheers!

//Tage – The Gallery Master

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12 Responses to “The So Long Sisters Show (Part 2)”

  1. Jussis grill…de ju huippu :D

  2. Diggar bild 15. Helt fittigt Corbijn.

  3. Anders —>> Alla borde nog typa dendä Jussis grillen, de va ganska bra asia! Min ostburgare kallades ostburgare för en orsak.. Där va någå 15cm ost – på höjden..

    Matte —>> Siisti! Du e säkert den första nånsin som ha kiikat på en Tage-bild och i samma andetag tänkt Corbijn. De e nästan så man blir lite tagen här :) . Tack!

  4. Good stuff! som vanligt :P

  5. Tack!
    Trevligt du checkar back in from time to time.. :) Fortsätt..

  6. bra!

  7. :) haha!

  8. Oi tää näyttää hyvält toi kuvajuttu nyt =)

  9. Niin ja siistejä kuvia niinku aina !

  10. Kiitos!! :) Hieman uusia menoja joo.. Pitää ehdottomasti laittaa noita gallery hommia lisää!

  11. teillä on niin hyvä bändi : ) ♥

  12. :)
    Vien asian eteenpäin!

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