The So Long Sisters Show (Part 1)

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Yes, what?

Some two days ago, or so, I went to shoot a So Long Sisters gig in Christine’s City (Kristiinankaupunki). This insert is a small preview of what’s to come in a very near future when I’ll post the whole set of shots collected from this very night. What might give your lovely eyes some joy is that I took the time to shoot some video material again, so here we go, a few shots and some video blogging…!

( So Long Sisters – Janica )

The gig was great. The sisters of rock really showed the audience what “Kristiina Rock City” is all about. The place was jam packed with rock enthusiasts and partying people from the southern parts of Ostrobothina. Hopefully this quick preview with a few goodies can display a tad of rocking knowledge to you, my fine reader. Great show, great girls!

( Sofia, Salla & Niina )

I should probably mention that this was maybe the fifteenth time I’ve seen these girls rock a crowd. And never has Karijoki, from where these girls has risen, looked so rock n’ roll. I predict a great future for the Sisters. I’ve also been tryin’ to put together a documentary about So Long Sisters for some time now, and hopefully I’ll get it done soon enough..

The first video clip of today then.. Yes. This is Janica and Sofia giving us a status report on what is about to go down tonight (past time), and if you don’t speak their language, well, too bad.. Use a real time Google translator or call Finland.

( Janica & Sofia with a status report )

And the second video clip then.. Well, this is shot during the sound check at Night Bird, the song their playing/covering is called “Take my hand”, a song made famous by the very cool band called Simple Plan. Sorry for the harsh audio quality, I’ll get a proper microphone for the camera soon enough, stop complaining..

( So Long Sisters sound check – Take my Hand )

Oh well, I’ll give you two more pics from this night, but hey, this still means that you have to check out all of the pics from this show as soon as I’ve edited them all to “perfection”, haha.. But that’s in a few days alright.. So enjoy some other previews!

( Sofia at the Sound Check )

And yo people, I’ve saved the best one for last.. This is a dude everybody should get the chance to meet. He is called Göran Dahlgren, he is the father to Janica and Sofia.. Göran is also kinda managing the band, roading for the band and yes, he is kinda involved in everything concerning the girls – a smashing cool man! Call him.. Göran is probably the biggest rocker north of Tampere..

( Göran )

Thank you So Long Sisters for a fantastic night, I’ll return with loads of shots from this night in a few days or so!

Check out their myspace at ( ) !!

Take care now, bye bye then.. And you should remember that staying tuned means that you’re staying informed!

// Tage – So Tage Sisters

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6 Responses to “The So Long Sisters Show (Part 1)”

  1. Oh my god, the first shot!!!!! <33333
    And I always thought that Janica pronounces like Janitsa and not Janika, so it's a bit of a shocker. I hope I don't read your name wrong, hahaha.

    And the girls have nice voices. I love SLS. Keep the shots commin' and Rock on! ^^

  2. :) Thanks.. Janitsa, nice.. Never thought of the letter “C” in that way.. But I’m glad we sorted that out. Maybe I should do an egocentric videoblog of myself telling everyone how to pronounce my name, tage tage tage..

    But yes, the rest of the shots are comin’ very soon, now, off to do some more video editing.. Keep it up..

  3. Hey! You’ve got a really nice blog with lots of cool shots…I like it! :)

  4. Thank you very much Veni! :)

  5. Hehhee, Göran rules!

  6. Jag håller med! Göran – kungin!

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