The poster winner!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


The competition, in which you had to guess what year the Cajunga “old fart” tractor was manufactured has ended. The winner will be announced in 30 seconds. Start counting.

Tage counts. 23, 22, 21. You know the drill.

The winner of the signed poster that featured in the video is STEFANI KIRILOVA from Varna, Bulgaria. Congratulations! You will be contacted via e-mail and the poster will be sent to Bulgaria as soon as possible, con-fucking-grats girl!

And this is the video to which the competition was arranged, if you haven’t seen it or even heard about it!

( The Cajunga – Dancing with the Boys )

The correct answer was 1964, and Ms. Kirilova guessed 1960 which made her the “closest guesser”, whatever that means, well, you know what it means! Congratz once again!

//Tage – the poster sender

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4 Responses to “The poster winner!”

  1. EPIC WIN. <3333 This can't be true, I never win anything. Are you sure it's 1960? Aaaaaaahhh, this is so cool!

  2. Oops, I meant 1064, sorry :D

  3. last time 1964! Jeez, stupid keyboard

  4. Yes! Congratulations!
    Nice win there, you sure know a lot about tractors :) !

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