The next video – Nicole Thomas

Monday, July 9th, 2012


As of next week we set out to shoot our next music video with the Eva Lingon crew.

This time we will be working with a British artist named Nicole Thomas shootin’ a video to her next single Damaged and Damned. The song is brought to the world by Nicole herself and the British rock guitarist Angelo Bruschini from Massive Attack.

Everything is set and we are ready for a shoot, might be something cool in store – we will be shooting the video in the Southern parts of Finland.

( Nicole Thomas – Photo by Andy Lock )

So, wish us luck on this one – the premiere of the video is to be held sometime in August, still don’t have any exact dates.

Meanwhile, check out some webbies!

—>>> Nicole Thomas

—>>> Massive Attack

—>>> Eva Lingon

Have a good one champs!

// Tage – The Nicole Attack

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