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Thursday, July 7th, 2011

So, yes? Hella awesome!

Well, now it’s official, the next music video I’m directing is for the band called FIREAL to their awesome rocking hit tune called “Breathe”. The video will be produced by Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab and we are shooting this thing in Helsinki next week.

The Fireal boys.

( Fireal by Minna Annola )

The video will be directed by Tage, shot by Rasmus Tåg, gaffered by Anders Lönnfeldt with some powering help from the well experienced light master Toffe Svenn. It’s gonna be a blast.

And you know what, the song “Breathe” is co-written by Max Martin, the dude who has written like every single pop song in the world, so that’s kinda nice!

Fireal, fronted by the charismatic Caleb Hydra, was founded in 2009. The band released their first record a few months ago called “The Dark Side”.

Check out their first video to the song called Halo - it was shot during the filming of the Finnish film called “Harjunpää ja Pahan Pappi” directed by Olli Saarela. The song was a part of the original soundtrack to the movie.. Have a go. Check out the boys in action..

( Fireal – Halo – Directed by Olli Saarela )

So, now you know, this is gonna be one hell of a project, excited to say the least. Wish us luck alright! Have a go at some pages..

—>>> Fireal

—>>> Warner Music Finland

—>>> Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab

—>>> Ramedus

—>>> Anders Lönnfeldt

Have a good one champs!

// Tage – Going Fireal

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