The next video – BRYMIR

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

So, yes!

It’s in the open, it’s official, yes it is. The next music video that I will direct is for the epic-Hans-Zimmer-metal-heads called Brymir.

The guys have recently released their debut album called “Breathe fire to the sun” (Spinefarm Records), together with Ramedus and a bunch of other heroes we are shooting their first music video during next week.

The song is called Retribution if you wanna look into it, found everywhere, you just have to Brymir yourself on the webby!

( 3 outta 6 Brymir rockers – Joona, Jarkko and Vikke at Bruuveri )

Tonight we held our fourth production meeting with the boys and things are now starting to look awesome. Everything seems to be in order for an epic video shoot in Helsinki and Porvoo during two heavy days in the beginning of next week. And yes, I can assure you guys, this time we have something extra ordinary in store for you, but more on that later..

The video will be directed by Tage, shot by Rasmus Tåg, produced by Spinefarm Records and Eva Lingon.

So, wish us luck on this one, gonna be one hell of a production filled with loads of challenges and epic shots, I really believe the result will suit you. While you’re waiting for the video, check out Brymir on the interweb.

—>>> Brymir

—>>> Spinefarm Records

—>>> Eva Lingon

Have a good one champs!

// Tage – about to make the first Brymir video!

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