The next music video!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Well, I thought I’d share some info on the upcoming video with you guys..!

Together with Ramedus, Anders Lönnfeldt, Magnus Wikström and Sara Dahlback I am now about to direct my fifth music video in a very very near future. During the 2nd and 3rd of May the whole thing is going down.

The new video is  being put together for The Cajunga to their fabulous song called “Dancing with the Boys”. This is the second time we are working with the band. I’m really looking forward to this shoot, but of course, I always say that…

All of our previous videos has been shot in 1 day, but now we are trying to make something more advanced by shooting the thing i 2 or 3 days time in Helsinki and Pojo

The video is gonna give you gorillas, police cars, exceptional storytelling and mouthwatering ladies. I bet you wanna see this one… Me too. This upcoming Thursday we are gonna hold our third video meeting with the band and hopefully things are gonna start to sort themselves out. Cause the shoot is getting closer by the minute..

Visit The Cajunga at ( )

So, keep your thumbs up and start refreshing your youtube.

// Tage – off to Jakobstad…

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11 Responses to “The next music video!”

  1. Ou jeeah!

  2. så kan man nog oxo uttrycka de!

  3. Gorillas? Wow…just WOW!

  4. Wow doesn’t do it.. Awesome is the word! :)

  5. true that!

  6. very true..! :)

  7. Blir bra greijjor!

  8. De kan du skriva upp!

  9. Siistiä ! Meni koko iltapäivä lukiessa noi edelliset postaukset ku netti on ollu poikki pari viikkoa :D

  10. Ihana kuulla! :) Siis että luet kaikki postit, ei se että sun netti on ollut jumissa..
    Keep it up JW!

  11. Ihana kuulla! :)
    Keep it up JW!

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