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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011


After weeks and weeks of meetings, arrangements and planning it is now clear as the Finnish skies that the Tage and Ramedus are making their next music video to the awesome melodic death metal rockers called myGRAIN! The guys are releasing their third album this week on Wednesday and we are to create the video for their second single by the name of “Trapped in an hourglass”.

The band is consisted of 6 heavy fellas fronted by the barbed-wire-eating Tommy on vocals, this dude has an extraordinary voice, the man plays a league of his own, probably the coolest melodic death metal voice in Finland right now.

It is an honour for me to direct their next video, produced by Spinefarm Records. And oh my, what we have in store for the guys, this video is gonna be awesome, together with Ramedus and other heroes we are heading down a photographic and technical road that few have travelled – we are about to smash away some really interesting sequences that I will tell you more about as soon as the shooting days are closing in – it’s something special alright.

The video shoot will take place in Helsinki during two days at the end of January – just a few weeks away, you can expect a video premier in February. And yes, legends such as Anders Lönnfeldt, Magnum W and the new music video man-dude-draft Kenny Clay will probably take part behind the camera in this next video, what can I say – lookin’ forward to this as hell!

Today we held our third production meeting with 3 outta 6 myGRAIN dudes, and this time I took the time to give my blog a rockin’ shot of the boys. Here you go, one half of myGRAIN at the Iguana bar in Helsinki.

( 3 outta 6 myGRAIN fellas! )

And for the interested I have some links I would like to offer you, check out myGRAIN on the almighty web.

—>>> The myGRAIN website

—>>> Their first video

Have a good one eh, and stay tuned for loads of updates on this music video project!

// Tage – myGRAIN

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7 Responses to “The next music video – myGRAIN”

  1. Dehä blir epic!

  2. mera än!

  3. Trevliga saker! Kul att höra att projekten rullar vidare!

  4. Faktiskt kul att projekten rullar på, skoj att du följer med herr Banan! :)

  5. Häälit pojkar! Blir nog prima dehe.

  6. he tror ja nog!!

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