The myGRAIN video shoot (part 2/2) – The studio sessions!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Yes indeed!

The new myGRAIN video has now been shot, every frame is in the can, and yes, it feels awesome! So, here you go, a few squares of light from the yesterday shoot, enjoy people!

( All shots by Niklas Laurin )

The editing of this video will begin perhaps this weekend and in a few weeks time the premier is gonna be held on the lovely youtube. Expect inserts from the editing days at the Ramedus offices!

Stay tuned -stay informed.

—>>> The myGRAIN site

// Tage – regissören

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3 Responses to “The myGRAIN video shoot (part 2/2) – The studio sessions!”

  1. Got to say I really love that u’re always taking a shot of the full crew!

  2. :) How nice of you to love that fact. I’ll always keep on doin’ that! :)

  3. Picture nr. 9 is awsome!

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