The mini golf experience!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Holy cowbell junior!

Dunno what that was all about, but yes.. I’m back with my first video blog in like several weeks. I’ve forgotten all about it and all of the sudden it came to my mind this very Tuesday when my epic Sturm und Drang film got some more flesh on it’s bones. Yes,together with  Jeppe and Alex we headed to the mini golf court in Wasa called Botnia Minigolf Klubb to shoot some good times.

( The laid back golfer from Gerby )

Yes, where was I, well yes, but of course. We went golfing a few holes. It was fun and I think the documentary got some cool summer event shots – well needed. And as promised, my v-log is back! Check out Mr. Ivars bragging about his golf win after a round of serious Tiger Woodsy manners..

( The Ivars after 18 holes and a beer )

The video clip is probably the shortest clip on the entire youtube, but what can you do? Complain? Want longer clips? Maybe next time alright.. I tried getting the man to talk about his feelings after the win, his thoughts on the game, what he thinks about the globalization, ash clouds and animal porn. But nothing. This is what he responded.

( The Tiger of Wasa )

Yes, this was it for today folks. More reports on Sturm und Drang later this week. I have some spectacular surprises coming your way. Await good times and longer inserts!

// Tage – Tiger Tage?

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10 Responses to “The mini golf experience!”

  1. Häftigt Tage!

  2. Tack Kjell!

  3. Ooks koskaan ollu hohtominigolfaamassa? :D Semmostaki kuulemma on..

  4. meh dude, du skrev “all of the sudden” igen >.< fail… karl? man? känns fel att kalla dig failbarn…

  5. What does Alex say?

  6. Evgeni: I think he says “we played mini golf and I won… the others suck”. I wouldn’t be sure about the last part though, I don’t really understand their accent some of the time

  7. JW —>>> Hohtominigolf, haha.. Mä googlasin hieman ja löysin sitä Flamingo-keskuksesta Vantaalla.. Ai, siisti! Pitää käydä!

    Lumi —>>> Haha.. Jag ville bara kolla om du var med på noterna :) Kollar om du läser vad jag skriver. Jag e en finurlig son of a bitch!

    Evgeni —>>> Oh, sorry. Should have translated it. He says the following “We have been mini golfing, I won, the others suck.. Is that enough?”… So, it wasn’t very deep.. :)

    Lumi igen —>>> Bra! Du fattar mumin-svenska! :)

  8. Jag är sjukt stolt över det faktiskt xD Det är inte alltid jag fattar det :P

  9. Haha.. Du har säkert kollat in Mark Levengood ordentligt på YouTube.. Eller tofslan och vifslan i Mumindalen! :)

  10. Det kan ha att göra med att vi var på middag hos min systers bästa kompis familj i söndags också :o Dom är från nånstans i Finland, från Helsinki tror jag, fast deras hus i Finland ligger på Åland och pappan har släkt uppe i Vaasa… (Han är släkt med Henkka förövrigt :o Det tycker jag är rätt schweet ;) )

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