The Mill Sessions

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Yes, a couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to work as a 5D Mark Tage camera dude at a brand new show called the Mill Sessions. This is a small pic presentation of what the show is gonna look like!

( Laura Närhi @ The Mill Sessions )

During my three days working at this show we were shooting two pilot episodes, from what I’ve seen of these shows, they look epic. The transmedia show The Mill Sessions was shot on two RED cameras, two Sony HD studio cameras and on my 5D Mark Tage. So, the picture quality on this show is beyond believable – it looks like a million!

( The Laura Närhi band )

The point of this show is “music”! It’s a very simple concept and it really works, let the artists come forward at their best. The artists during the pilot shows were Laura Närhi and Jennie Storbacka..

( Laura Närhi gave us some nice moments )

The show’s pilot episodes were shot at the Media City facility in Wasa, in the very same studio where we shot the Walkalone video. There is even a trailer up on the interweb for this show already, found at the bottom of this insert.

( The Mill Sessions set! )

When The Mill Sessions is being set into a full steam production I would very much like to be a part of the whole she-bang, cause, looking at the trailer and the material for these pilots I really believe that this show will be much appreciated by the music loving audience – meaning everyone.

( The trumpet )

The host for this show is Sonja Kailassaari, a well-know show host in Finland who is really awesome at what she does. She takes care of all the interviews leading us in the best possible way into the artists thoughts and thinkings around their music.

( Jennie Storbacka at the Mill Sessions )

And why not, at this point, have a look at The first Mill Sessions artists on the www.

Laura Närhi —>>> The Laura Närhi site

Jennie Storbacka —>>> a Jennie Storbacka performance

( A part of the Jennie Storbacka band )

( Drumming away with Jennie )

And then I promised you guys a trailer, a sneak peek into this lovely show called The Mill Sessions, enjoy, hope you find it amusing, I know I do.

( The Mill Sessions – trailer )

And finally I can let you in on the fabulous news that Laura Närhi‘s latest record “Suuri sydän” recently sold gold in Finland – congrats to her, a fabulous artist! Now you folks have a great Sunday afternoon you hear!

// Tage – The Mill Man

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  1. Whoa, the trailer is in English…why? But it looks great, I hope it gets popular enough, so that even I can get a glance of it!

  2. :) Yes, the trailer is in English cause, well, cause, well actually I don’t know.. The trailer is also everything I’ve seen so far, but I bet it will be an awesome show that you will also be able to watch later on, I hope..

  3. Du fotar no både de ena o de andra kan man säga!

  4. kan man ju nog få för sig :)

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