The Mill Sessions – day 1

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Well yes!

The Tage has arrived in Wasa to participate in The Mill Sessions once again. A while back we shot a couple of pilot episodes at MediaCity in Wasa, and now this thing is goin’ down again with loads of new artists!

( The Klosse J )

And yes, the Mill Sessions will be available for everyone later on, so be sure to snoop around and to “like” stuff on facebook alright!

During the next 7 days we will shoot episodes starring artists such as Anna Puu, Lovex and Paradise Oskar – gonna be swell as hell!

And you know what, aside from my camera man duty, I also have the privilege/assignment to snap loads of stills during the shoots, so yes, this blog will be stuffed with shots from the Mill Sessions during the upcoming days, stay tuned!

( The Mentor )

In this first Mill post of mine, however, I’m not allowed to share any shots of the artists yet, but these babies are as good as artists, and tomorrow, start expecting shots alright!

Fun week ahead of us, notice how I didn’t say “me”. Follow? Yes you do! You follow – ahh, triple meanings – love it! Follow?

—>>> The Mill Sessions

—>>> Paradise Oskar

—>>> Anna Puu

—>>> Lovex

Have a good one guys!

// Tage – The first Mill day in the can!

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