The making of the new Cajunga video (Part 1 – Madness in Pojo)

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Well, yes, quite a day! This insert will show you a few shots from the first day of “the making of the new Cajunga video”! Welcome.

( Oskar )

Early this morning we left Helsinki for Pojo, it’s about an hour away by car. This was gonna be the first day of our 3-day shoot with The Cajunga. This day is now officially over and I think we got what we wanted. All the shots are in the can, and it was quite a performance by the actors, the band and the team! Thank you!

( The Gorilla with the Cows )

That’s right, we were shooting this thing so far away from the city life that there were actually cows around. And man, would you look at this shot above.. How often do you see a guitar-carrying gorilla facing a horde of milkers? We had a lot of fun during this first day with the gorilla, I can tell you that allright!

( Maria )

Concerning the shot above, well, we’ll let the video speak for itself as soon as it’s edited, done and ready for your youtuby eyes..! Our day on the country side lasted for about 9 hours and as for now, at least I’m totally exhausted from all the shooting, thinking and travelling.. There were around 20 people on the set, and just minutes ago I transfered all the video material into my computer, and it looked hella cool! Great job Ramedus!

( Country side styling with The Cajunga )

A giant heap of today’s shots had a tractor involved, and Simon, the drummer of this fine quartet had been doing some tractor cruising earlier, so all the tractor scenes were totally in his hands. When we looked at his immerse driving skills it looked as though the man hadn’t done anything else. He was quite the man, he even showed off with some “reversing a tractor with a trailer” unique capabilities! Simon says tractor! Yes!

( Ramedus & Tage )

Tomorrow we will continue this video shoot in Helsinki at two different locations. We’ll be at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport as well as hanging around at the May Beach areas shooting some kinda 80′s influenced rock/pop video style type of thing! I bet it will be, well awesome!

( Ramedus )

All the shots in this insert is taken by our gianormously great crane operator Magnum W. So, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this small sneak preview from today’s shootings, expect another bloggy insert with shots from tomorrows shoot, tomorrow evening..! And let’s post the last shot for today!

( Simon & Joel )

Above you can see the cool Simon dressed up as a real tractor man with his main man Joel giving us a rock posé! Cheers people! Wish us luck for tomorrow, we are gonna need it!

// Tage – The excited video shooter!

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4 Responses to “The making of the new Cajunga video (Part 1 – Madness in Pojo)”

  1. Sir ju riktigt roligt ut!

  2. De va de oxo! Snart lägger jag lite bilder från dagens shoot! Kommer att bli en kymppis video! :)

  3. Men Tage, hur e d fatt..? På bilden “Ramedus & Tage” ser R riktit harmonisk ut, medan du ser ut att ha litet i skitaren, va grubblar du på..? ;)

  4. ..haha, he va väl lite tait med tidtabellen så kanske ja hadd en aning i skitarin.. :)

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