The making of Nicole Thomas

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Well awesome.

Yesterday we shot our next video. This one was for the lovely British artist Nicole Thomas to a song brought to the world by Nicole and Angelo Bruschini from Massive Attack.

The shoot went great, we got what we came for and now it’s off to the editing dorms – await a premiere sometime in August.

And for now, enjoy some making-of shots from our Eva Lingon day with Nicole Thomas!

( The making of the Nicole Thomas video – Shots by Niklas Laurin )

The video was shot in Torpparinmäki, Emäsalo and Viikki using a RED one camera hooked up with a range of Nikon lenses, so now you know!

Await a premiere and make sure you like Nicole Thomas on facebook!

—>>> Nicole Thomas

—>>> Eva Lingon

Have a jolly one folks!

// Tage – Nicole Tage

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