The Magnus Betnér day (part 1)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

So yes?

This afternoon I’m on my way to the airport in Wasa to meet and greet with the Swedish stand up comedian Magnus Betnér and my good friend Sam Jansson from FTW productions.

This evening Mr. Betnér will perform at Ritz in Wasa, I’m gonna gonna try be very much around today, and I will hopefully collect a whole bunch of good shots from the Magnus Betnér day in Wasa. If I’m lucky I might even get some video blogging material… But that’s a gigantic maybe.

I can’t promise anything, but at least I’ll try to post some shots and maybe some video stuff from today during this upcoming night – hopefully! Wish me luck folks – I bet this night will be fun.

If you don’t know Magnus Betnér, you can at least have a peek at his webby place ( or check out a small clip of him performing. (I stole the clip from youtube – and it’s in Swedish).

( Magnus Betnér doin’ some stand up )

Have a great Friday people – and just to remind you guys who want to see Magnus Betnér tonight, no can do, it’s sold out..

// Tage – framing funny ones again

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2 Responses to “The Magnus Betnér day (part 1)”

  1. åh herregud va underbar han är :D av alla de många svenska komikerna, så är han garanterat den bästa! :D

  2. Han var jättebra igår! Fantastisk kille!

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