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Thursday, March 25th, 2010

So, ok?

Yesterday was some day, lots of hours containing creativity and joy. I raised my eyelids to the sound of a sweet Bryan Adams guitar solo, around half past six and went to the Suomen Turku to frame faces for a brochure that’s being put together at Åbo Akademi University.

( The Silhouette group )

First off, it seems to me like your asking yourself why I’m not using capital letters in the headline anymore, it’s because my web designer thought it looked like crap and that it is very yesterday, I don’t agree with all my heart, but let’s satisfy the man from now on yes..? It also kinda looks like you wanna know if yoghurt tastes better if you eat it with a fork. Moving on shall we.

I dare not say what kind of brochure I took these pictures for, I’m gonna get it all wrong anyway and you people will be looking for it in the candy stores in Venezuela. But I’m gonna make an attempt on explaining it anyway, it is a brochure done for the international market, telling people both nationally and internationally what sort of opportunities there are at Åbo Akademi University.

( The gratifying snow in the Suomen Turku )

When I got to the Suomen Turku I didn’t really know how much time I’d be getting in each building to get the shots done and what kind of models I was working with, but after a few hours I had noticed that due to a “train delay” I had very little time to get the first pictures shot, done and ready.

In the end it all worked out fine and I got the shots I needed. Later that evening I went back to Helsinki to edit the shots from our Åbo Akademi day – that’s another thing, the shots had to be turned in that very same day, so I ended up shooting and editing for nearly 20 hours… But hey, it was fun alright.

( The chemical department )

During our day we visited all kinds of university buildings that were to be framed for the brochure, I witnessed a lot of interesting environments and some nice really people. The chemical girl above is Angela.

And right about now I wish to say thank you to Jessica, Joel, Emilia, Minna, Angela, Valery, Sayid, Annika, Anna, Jessica, Matias and Oskar at Åbo Akademi University for making this an interesting day of shooting. Hopefully you got the pictures you wanted and that the brochure will be a success.

( Now this is very “brochure’ish” )

Now you folks have a great Thursday and I’ll return to your screens with more news later, and remember, stay tuned means that you are staying informed!

// Tage – The Brochure man

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6 Responses to “The international brochure”

  1. You’ve nailed the look!

  2. Nu har du en unik besokare fran Israel!

  3. Nice! Nu har ja nå ti säta på CVn!
    Ska du liveblogga nå från Israel?

  4. Pluti —>>> Thanks a lot man!

  5. Fantastic photos Tage! Tusen tack! :)

  6. :-) Va roligt att du gillar!
    Och ett stort tack till er för allt arrangemang!

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