The front row is calling again..

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Yes – the front of the stage is calling me over again – finally..

It has been a few weeks since I last entered a rock hall with the 5D Mark Tage cause of a lotta reasons, sadly enough one man can’t find time to do everything at once, but now it’s finally happening again – lookin’ forward to this night as hell.

This upcoming Thursday on the 14th of October I’ll be pointing my fangs towards Dante’s Highlight in Helsinki where I will be smashing off shots to the fabulous tones of Phoenix Effect and Collarbone.

These are two fabulous Finnish rock acts, both of them have released records and toured around a lot, so it’s gonna be two great shows, of that I am sure. It gets better, this particular night is the very night when Phoenix Effect are releasing their second album – record release party, nice!

I have seen neither of these guys perform earlier, which makes this thing even more interesting. So, if you don’t have anything better to do than to videotape yourself pulling horny cucumbers along brick roads this Thursday, well then, do show up, do come and check out these guys – I promise you rock!

Lately I have even bought myself some new equipment (lenses and filters), and those guys haven’t yet experienced the rock lights, so it’s gonna be a blast for sure. To put new lenses into rocking tests is kinda why I live, it’s why I breath. So, without any further ado – wish me grand luck – and start expecting brand new live frames!

And hey, if you dunno nothing about these bands – why not swing by their sites and learn stuff?

—>>> The Collarbone site

—>>> The Phoenix Effect site

Have a good one folkies!

// Tage – Shooting stars!

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