The first of many!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Well, yes.

Today was my first day out in the documentary fields, nice to be back! Today it all started again, today, today. Well, today I grabbed the bull by the testicles and went out to start shooting the Sturm und Drang boys again..

( Sturm und Jeppe )

The first (of many) documentary day/s held a bunch of fine moments in store for me and the video camera. I went with Jeppe to collect some nice “summer feel” footage at the shoreline of Wasa city.. Nothing particular happened, nothing spectacular got stuck on tape, but we got loads of footage of the first summer days of 2010. I think this sort of stuff will be well needed in the film. Random stuff with random comments filled with random environments…

( Can’t really say… )

And then, all of the sudden, we got a call from André Linman, the fronter of the act, telling Jeppe that they were going to rehearse some songs this fine evening. Quick as I was, I decided to go with the documentary flow and hang around for the rest of the evening with the rolling camera… I got some really nice footage at the Sturm und Drang band camp – and that makes a Tage happy! Hours well spent..

( Dirty fingers )

Yes, at the band camp the boys were going through some new tunes for the upcoming third record, it sounds really good, I’m glad to be a “part of the process” in at least a documentary type of way.

The rest of the evening was all about collecting great footage for me… And looking at Alex finger pulling my camera, is it called finger pulling? Tractor pulling? He was all over my video machine with his dirty fingers, changing all the set up’s for all kinds of reasons I guess..

Short story, while I was out in the backyard filming André having a “creative song writing moment in the sun” weird stuff happened. Alex and his crew stole my car keys and drove my car to a secret hide out. So when I was done filming André, I noticed that I had no car, it was gone like a prostitute in church, the boys were laughing like hell – fuckers.

Anything else to declare.. Well, the evening ended with the very first summer ice cream moment close to the archipelago. Sweet Jesus. One can’t wish fo a better start to the summer of 2010..

( Västervik )

The documentary Tage continues his duties tomorrow with a round of mini golf starring Sturm und Drang.. There are thousands of summer moments to be captured, and plenty of pics and stories to share with you, my fine rock readers..! Have a nice night folks!

// Tage – The und Drang!

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9 Responses to “The first of many!”

  1. “it was gone like a prostitute in church” <— I feel like the Whesley Snipes in Demolition man era is coming back! :D

    Awesome insert!

  2. The Wesley Snipes era is definitely preparing a comeback! :)
    Demolition Man is by the way probably the best action film ever made..!

  3. Ilmeisesti auto kuitenki löyty? :D Mahtavaa että tää on taas kuvioissa :p

  4. Jess! Nyt kone on taas käynnissä.. :) Ja autokin tuli esiin secret hide out’ista hirveen nopeesti :)


    som jag har längtat! :D fast du, det heter “all of A sudden”… (A)

  6. JESS, nuu!
    All of a sudden… :) Nästa gång ser jag till att bättra mig..

  7. gör det! :O

  8. De ska ja! :)
    Bra man har nån som e lite bestämd med sig, som ser till att jag sköter mig språkligt och så…!

  9. Hahahhaha xD Bra att NÅGON uppskattar det xD

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