The final mixdown!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Alrighy-O almighty Franky Four-Fingers of London!

Quite a day, yet again. I’m here to give you some high-fly know-how on how the upcoming Fredrik Furu video is coming along..

( The final touch )

Yes, the video to Fredrik Furu’s next single “Det Går Över” is about 94% done, and what’s even better news is that the song is finally mixed and ready! Well, not quite, it hasn’t yet been mastered.. Jimmy Westerlund has done an awesome job with producing this song.. Pauline and Furu sound great together! Any day now folks – looking good! Soon oh soon.

I still don’t know the exact date for the video premier, but as soon as we get our shit together I’ll hit you with a show date!

( Lé Féque )

What more, need I say something cliché-y? Really looking forward and all that crap.. But it’s true. I’m utterly eager and excited as an ostrich genitals to release this thing.

( El Jimbo )

Well ok, that’s that! Jus’ felt like sharing some pics from today’s studio sessions – no more, no less!

// Tage – Det går över!

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4 Responses to “The final mixdown!”

  1. En jaksa oottaa tätä !

  2. :) haha.. Sun on nyt vaan pakko..

  3. Jamen, sluuut retas nu Tage! :D

  4. :) haha.. De kommer, de kommer!

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