The Eva Lingon shoot

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Well awesome.

Today we arranged a gathering at the Eva Lingon dorms to grab some promotional portraits for our upcoming Eva Lingon web world.

And here you go, one of those “yay, it’s canned”-shot from our day with the crew.

( The Eva Lingon Crew by Eva Lingon )

So, just hold on a little while longer and Eva will soon enough launch the Eva Lingon web world.

And yes, oh, who is in the picture, you might be asking yourselves… Well, from right to left. Tage Rönnqvist (Thought), Niklas Laurin (Sound), Rasmus Tåg (Vision), Samuel Klinkmann (Design), Anders Lönnfeldt (Light).

So, have a good one folks – and while we’re waiting for the Eva launch, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

—>>> Eva Lingon on Facebook

—>>> Eva Lingon on Twitter

Have a splendid Eurovision evening folks!

// Tage – Eva Tage

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