The Drang Week

Friday, November 19th, 2010

So, yes?

The week is almost reaching it’s very end. The Tage has spent his whole week in Wasa working at the offices with the film about Sturm und Drang. Been arranging, checking and browsing through about 4 years of footage from the on-going Sturm era, that’s a lotta stuff, as well as shooting some new moving frames with Alex and André – gonna be a great film, that’s a promise!

Last night was spent at the Camp dé Stürm, and here is a shared memory for you – the Linman in his element!

( André Linman at camp Sturm )

So, been a flashy fast super forward week with loads of events, happenings and bing bangs. And what’s new with the Sturm und Drang story, well, the boys are rehearsing, playing new tunes, bonding, gathering forces and powers, figuring stuff out really, and very soon I believe the boys will be ready to make the third record, gonna be a good one, I can assure you that! (Take notes)

Stay tuned for the weekend folks – lots of things to blogger about!

// Tage – Sturm

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  1. Lisää tätä! :D

  2. Kyllä :)

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