The Core of the Dust..!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Yes, well..

I’m back from a few days without any connection to the world wide web, and you know what? No you don’t. Yes?

I found some unedited pics on my desktop from the Coredust video premier gig held in early April this year at Painobaari in Helsinki.. Yes. This made me full of joy so I decided to put some old Coredust live pics together for your eyes to feast upon.. Feast my tiny minions, feast.

( Esa – Coredust )

( The howlin’ Esa – Coredust )

( Sakke – Coredust )

( Esa – Coredust )

Yes. And that’s that. You might as well check out their website while your on the webby move yes? Clicker-dicker on the following checker for a rock time – The Coredust website

// Tage – Coretage

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