The Comedy Anders!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

..or, The festival Helenius. Or, The Helsinki Comedy Festival Anders Helenius insert.. Yes well, I had some problems fitting the headline on one single row.. But now it’s all good, you get the point. On with the show!

( Anders Helenius before the show )

Yes. About a week ago I attended the Helsinki comedy festival as a fellow photographer for a fine evening with some nice stand-up comedy artists.. One of the jokers was Anders Helenius, straight outta Pargas, with his very likeable show. That dude was funny alright! The things you see in this insert is a selection of pics I collected during his 20 minutes of showdom! So, be sure to enjoy!

( Anders Helenius makin’ people happy! )

What I also should share with you is that I’ve worked with Mr. Helenius earlier, taking some promotionals for his lovely website. Do check the site out on the following clicky-wacky.

—>>> Anders Helenius <<<—

Click it, it’s a lovely site, designed by the hella cool designer named Peter Granfors!

( Mr. Helenius )

This was a lovely evening with fantastic acts by not only Helenius, I also shot, saw and heard some fantabulous performance’s from Lasse Nilsen, André Wickström and Jack Björklund. Expect pics of these guys later on as I put a final touch on those frames!

( Pointy comedy – get it? )

( The airplane sound? )

And one final shot from this set, yes.

( Helenius at the Helsinki Comedy Festival )

Anywho, hope you liked this set of laughing shots from my fine evening at the Bio Rex in Helsinki. Expect shots of the other performers later alright. You folks have a good one now you hear!

// Tage – The comedy frame

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7 Responses to “The Comedy Anders!”

  1. Av någon anledning trodde jag det var Till på första bilden först… Jag måste sluta lyssna på Rammstein så mycket xD

  2. Haha! :) Nice!

    Skulle jag vara Anders Helenius så skulle jag ta emot kommentaren som årets komplimang! :)

  3. Hah.. ni e som två blåbär på samma kvist, i samma skog, i samma land. :)

  4. Om nom på bilden >8D

  5. Ja e ditt fan!

  6. Kela hu siisti!

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