Tuesday, December 8th, 2009


This upcoming Thursday me and Rasmus Tåg are going to make a music video for the Turku-based band called The Cajunga. A lot of plans are currently in the making as we get closer to Thursday. The video is going to be shot in Helsinki to a song called “Let me Keep my Heart” taken from the bands upcoming album.

The band has been playing together for several years and I tell you, these guys sure know how to rock your socks out. The have a cool sound and some catchy tunes. Please do check them out on ( ) and let’s hope for a good music video. Finally we are back in the music video game, finally, can’t fucking wait.. We are shooting the thing during one afternoon/evening with my 5D Mark Tage.

Can’t give you any pics today, but hopefully tomorrow will produce a longer blog insert with some catchy pics of elephants and wet t-shirts.

Stay in school.

// T – out of blogging ideas due to lack of time…

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