Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Oh yes!

The time has come for the posting of yet another set of live shots. This time we shall turn our eyes towards the metallic frames filled with the dark souls of Bibleblack.

( Mike Wead – Bibleblack )

This band was touring with Scar Symmetry when I met them in Helsinki. They pulled off a great show with a pack of fine tunes and loads of energy. The show was held at Dante’s Highlight in Helsinki about two weeks ago. I met the guys after the show and they seemed like a cool gang of musicians from Stockholm, Sweden.

They will return to Dante’s Highlight for another show in May 2010, so you should definitely get you shit together and go cheer for these guys. Hopefully you’ll like the showreel from my evening with Bibleblack.

( Simon Johansson – Bibleblack )

( Jonas Bülund & Simon Johansson – Bibleblack )

( Simon Johansson backstage )

( Mike & Simon backstage )

( Findus & Kacper Rozanski backstage )

And now for the vertical shots. I still haven’t fixed myself a fine solution on how to post vertical shots so I put them at the end of each blog post.. Maybe I should try out one of those gallery ideas within’ the blog insert, but I haven’t got the power and skill to do it right now, so you’ll have to settle with the Tage way.

And while your at it. Feel free to check out the myspace of Bibleblack by clicking the following link —>>> (

( Kacper Rozanski – Bibleblack )

( Kacper Rozanski – Bibleblack )

( Mike – Bibleblack )

( Simon – Bibleblack )

( Kacper – Bibleblack )

( Kacper – Bibleblack )

I will also share with you guys some info about the band – this is for you lazy ass guys who don’t have the strength to google around. Bibleblack is a very new Swedish band featuring members from King Diamond and Memory Garden.

Their first video “Bleed” is directed by Owe Lingvall, a dude who has directed loads of music videos, for instance the latest videos of Sturm und Drang, some Amorphis stuff and even videos for Tracedawn, Ari Koivunen and Nordman.. So, now you know! And you should definitely check out the latest Bibleblack video…

( Bibleblack – Bleed – Directed by Owe Lingvall )

And this was it for today folks! Hope you liked something you witnessed, and if you did, why not press the new “heart-button” found at the bottom of this insert! :)

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6 Responses to “THE BIBLEBLACK SHOW”

  1. E du nån fotograf elä någo?

  2. Åtminstone försöker jag vara en sån..

  3. Hienoja kuvia !

  4. Kiitokset hyvä JW! :)

  5. Hey man,

    Great pics!!!
    Looking forward to see ya at our next show in Helsinki :)

    Rock the fire/

  6. Hey Wead!

    I’ll definitely come see you again on the 14th of May, and I will of course bring my camera for some more rocking shots!

    C ya.

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