The Betnér Show

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Well, yes?

All the shots from the Magnus Betnér stand up show at Ritz in Waasa are now edited, ready and done. And this time I’ll try out the new blog insert model, posting at least 70% of the shots, a small text, complete with a gallery within’ the insert.. Let me know if it works, alright?

( Magnus Betnér )

Like I told you guys before, Magnus Betnér was an excellent performer and if you by any chance have the possibility to see his show sometime in a vast future, you should most definitely go and witness his performance. He will most likely have an impact on you, he makes a very special imprint on people’s laughter nerves that very few stand uppers are capable of doing.

The story with this shoot then, you seemed to ask, or rather, this photo day, was that FTW Productions in Stockholm called me up asking if I wanted to join a funny day in Wasa smashing off some frames from the Betnérian Finland stay. I gladly accepted and this is the result, in a blog gallery folks! It actually works! Tage does the happy face.

But there wasn’t really that much stuff going on this day before the particular stand up evening, we hung out at the hotel, went for a small dinner, and that was it.. So don’t expect pictures of Betnér talking to any dolphins or tryin’ out apples at the supermarket – this is a very casual set of shots folks… Hope you enjoy it!

And for those of you who don’t know Magnus Betnér, look him up on youtube or visit his website at the following click…

Magnus Betnér —>>> ( )

I wish you all a very good night, and I want to remind you that tomorrow will hold exactly the same opportunities as today! :)

// Tage – The stand down?

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6 Responses to “The Betnér Show”

  1. Tage..du e min idol!

  2. Anders.. Du e oxo min, lite.. :)

  3. Mycket chef bilder! Får man altså sova i dubbelsäng om man e julkkis?

  4. Tack Joe!
    Haha, de får man!

  5. Fantastiskt fina bilder!

  6. Tack Anders!

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