The awesome Olympus LS-10!

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Finally! Yes!

I have yet again expanded my digital gear repository! And this makes a Tage really joyful!

This time I’ve invested some hard earned cash in an Olympus LS-10 digital recorder thingy, and that’s not all, no, I also got myself an electret condenser microphone. You know what this means? It means a lot of things.

( The Olympus LS-10 linear PCM recorder, with the ME-15 electret mic! )

Yes, it really means a lot of things.. Now I’m able to gather “sound n’ speech” in a whole diffrent way than with my Röde Videomic. And yes, I wouldn’t have bought this one unless I also had gotten my hands on the ME-15 electret condenser microphone which is perfectly designed for use with the LS-10.

That particular mic allows me to “clip it on” to anything that needs clipping on to, then put the recorder in the “patient’s” pocket and start shooting and recordning, moving images that is, this is of no use for the still image department, if you hadn’t already figured that out..

( The Olympus LS-10 )

Yes. This thing really makes one smile – like all new technical things I buy – the materialist from hell!

During the upcoming week I’m scheduled to start shooting a BUU-klubben 10-part miniseries for YLE FST5 about domestic animals, yes, it’s a show for the small one’s, and this new gear of mine will really come in handy as I clip the mic on to every kitten named Sven-Bertil. Yes.

( ..with the circular polarized filter )

Also, some days ago I got myself a circular polarized filter from Hoya. In the shot above I tried using it a bit, and it really works, it kills reflections from glass, water and dog pupe.

So, the Tage is getting ready with loads of new gear, for an upcoming somewhat long era of filming/editing/directing/writing/casting the 10-part domestic animals show! And yes. I’ve spent hours with the Olympus LS-10 today, and I have to end this entry with a very simple sentence – the thing is fucking awesome!

// Tage – Recording whatever!

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6 Responses to “The awesome Olympus LS-10!”

  1. Cool! Ser lite ut som Musse Pigg me puff skydden på! Varifrån handla du?

  2. Ja keta runt i flera affärer nog och försökt hitta allt på näte oxo, hede perus.. Att ja int fatta att man ska genast gå ti Verkkokauppa så löser e sig.. Där hadd di precis va man behövd..

  3. Jag är nog stolt över dig hördu Tage! Tänk va kova när du nu kan berätta för alla att du INTE köpte Zoom. Kul att du gillar Olympusen, 10/10!

  4. :) haha! Tänk de.. De blev ingen ZOOM, fö de e ju “fittit skit”. Jag måst dock nog besöka dig med Olympusen så kanske du kan ge en kortkurs i svåra funktioner? :)

  5. Yeah, really cool stuff, that Olympus LS-10. I like your site. It’s not very often that you see a talented photo shoot artist with flair in writing. Good job!

  6. Well thanks alot! :)

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