The André Wickström Show

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Yes, well, thought I’d give you a look into how it looked on stage as the great André Wickström spilled jokes over a fantastic crowd of the “Finlandssvenska åskådare” at the Helsinki Comedy Festival a few weeks ago, you dig?

( The great Wick on stage )

( The crowd loves him! )

( ..can you hear this one? )

( The Wick is making the Indian sound.. )

Anyway, this was an evening to remember, loads of fun stuff and loads of great people. If you have the chance to see this man live sometime, take it – he is hilarious! And why not bite into his blog and have yourself a laugh from time to time – it keeps the doctor, don’t remember that one, or does it even work in english? Whatever.. Have a good one folks..

// Tage – The Wick framer!

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6 Responses to “The André Wickström Show”

  1. Dina kompositioner bryter trenderna inom fotografering ;) Den första e ju hullu!

  2. ..Hullu! den e hullu! man brukar ju kalla mig “trendbryytarin” på stan i Baggböle, de e allmänt känt. :)

  3. Tammifan de därifrån ja ha hört dedä namne. Sablar de no lite vant de, sa pojobon!

  4. de e klart de e vant! :) aj sakran va ja diggar “vaner”! du e ju nog så sakens van, så van att van wilder sku va avundsjukis.

  5. Snärttit må ja säga!

  6. Då må ja säga TACK!

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