The Amsterdam diaries part 3

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Well yes?

Our third day at the IBC 2011 convention has reached it’s bitter end, this was kind of a recap day, we went back to the mighty halls of RAI to get a closer look at everything we felt needed a second viewing.. And I must tell you, I have somewhat fallen in love with Alexa, Arri Alexa. That’s a machine more beautiful than the Terminatrix. Wow!

After our recap we remapped ourselves into the fine shopping districts of the ‘Dam to pick up some new clothes, hats, glasses and what have you – and all of this was topped off with a dinner together with the crew, a very fine day in the ‘Dam I’d say!

Tomorrow will be Eva Lingon’s final day in the city of sin and then we are returning to our dorms in Helsinki – this has been a terrific journey, be back next year.. Or maybe we should go to Vegas to feel an even bigger, wider, cooler and more awesome tech convention – who knows?

I’ll put up a few shots from our Dam-days as soon as I get back to my basecamp, just hold on..

Have a good one folks – te koop?

// Tage – Third

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