The Amsterdam diaries part 2

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Redan de gamla grekerna…

Well yes, the second day of our IBC 2011 experience is pretty much canned and printed.

The main goal today was obviously to spend as many hours as possible at the RAI center. Cameras everywhere I tell you. We even got a look n’ feel at the brand new Sony F65, this thing was pretty amazing alright.

We had some chitty chatties with the good people of RED, a sit-down with Canon, a talk with GoPro followed by loads of tech, stuff and lenses – the IBC is a darn great place to visit!

Later on we met up with the fine fellas of and had a Heineken with a pack of locals. Once again the ‘Dam has proven herself to be a pretty nice lady!

Tomorrow our journey continues with more treats from IBC 2011! Have a good one folks.

// Tage – IBTage 2011

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2 Responses to “The Amsterdam diaries part 2”

  1. Boring! Jag vill hellre läsa om The Amsterdam diarrhea!

  2. Haha, där fick du nog till de! :)

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