The Amarantine Show

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

So yes!

Time for another concert pic presentation, and this time we will dive into the Amarantine show held at Dante’s Highlight in Helsinki on the 4th of March 2010. Say no more my good me, let’s fire away the showreel.

( Toni Toivonen – Amarantine )

Amarantine is a Helsinki-based death metal/black metal/goth metal gathering consisted of a bunch of great performers. This was the first time I saw these guys on stage, and they were really good, you should definitely go see these boys if you ever get the chance…

( Perttu Kajatkari – Amarantine )

If you wanna know more of this group you should check out their myspace, where you obviously will be able to listen to their music and swing along, but remember to swoosh your heavy head in front of the screen – now that sounded really cheezy! :)

Amarantine —>>> ( )

( Toni Toivonen – Amarantine )

Unfortunately I didn’t really get the time to chit chat with these boys, nor did I get anything recorded for a video blog so you’ll have to imagine yourself down that road, perhaps If I see them again sometime I’ll try to get me some face to face impressions and let you know more of these guys. But they sure looked cool on stage and gave us a great show with a rock n’ roll edge of high class!

( Roni Ärling – Amarantine )

Today I was supposed to try out the blog insert picture gallery, but since I’m only posting six shots I’ll have to leave that for another time. The gallery would look silly with only six shots in it..

I’m sure the gallery blog would be the only way to save the layout looks when posting vertical shots, but whaddayagonna do, I’ll do the gallery insert type of thing the next time I have at least 20 shots to post. For now – this will have to do! Verticals baby!

( Jarno Tervo – Amarantine )

( Toni Toivonen – Amarantine )

And this was it for today folks, hope you liked the shots – and maybe you even listened to the tunes of Amarantine while looking at them, I recommend it..

And yes, a short story for you guys, this just came to my mind. Yesterday, when I was editing these shots I listened to “The best of Enya”, like you do.. And all of the sudden she started to sing “Amarantine, Amarantine, Amarantine”. This really freaked me out, and I’m still freaked out over it.. But I guess these are the thing that keeps you going – not only Battery right?

// Tage – Amarantine

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4 Responses to “The Amarantine Show”

  1. Unbeliavable shots once again! I want your skills.

  2. Thank you very much Mike – we could change skills, I’d like your guitar virtuoso thingy! :)

  3. Awesome shots… I’ve heard Amarantine before – very nice band, indeed. Not my style in general, but I still enjoy listening to them. I like the 1-st shot the most, I don’t even know why..I just like it veeeery much :D

    And if you freaked out about the Enya thing, imagine how I felt when my aunt decided to give me a ring…from my dead uncle’s cell phone!!! I did not scream at all :D

  4. Thanks a lot Stiffy.
    Hell, I liked the first shot also, that’s why I put on top.. :)

    What? You got a call from your late uncle, that sounds scary.. Probably a bit more frightening than all the Enya songs combined.. :)

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