The airport and the Prakticum!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

So yes?

Today was all about shooting stuff and humans, once again.. Where should one begin?

Well, very early this sunny morning a media man from Sibbo honked his horn outside my window.. “Let’s go asshole!” – he seemed to say. Obviously I had asked him to drive me to the Helsinki-Malmi airport for some small errands. The man is Jocke Levälampi. We went to the airport so I could continue my pre-production for the upcoming Cajunga video which we are partly shooting at an airport this weekend. Everything was A-OK and the shoot is on – soon..

( The Levälampi at the Helsinki-Malmi airport )

..and suddenly I found myself at Arcada shooting some frames for Filmjournalen. I attended the big time pre-production of a short film that is being shot at the studio in Arcada a month from now or so.. And these guys are really serious about making shit happen. I’m very excited to see their film, cause they are actually building 5 different living rooms for an 8-minute film. That’s dedication pal! The man in the frame is Henri Savolainen, one of the guys behind this ambitious project!

( The Savolainen pre-producing big time )

..The hours moved, and suddenly I was in Prakticum. It is a school located in the Arabia/May Beach areas of Helsinki. Me and Ramedus are assigned to take some new shots for their web site and even for some brochures. So the main task this day was to hang out at Prakticum collecting shots from a few of their further educational programs. We are about to cover around 20 different programs and today we saw, shot and explored 6 of them.. It is a “several-day” project! In the frame you can see Jeanette Harf, the woman who hired us to do this grand and amazing shoot! Thank you Jeanette, we won’t let you down!

( The Jeanette – The Prakticum )

So, the Prakticum shoot was about everything I did for the rest of the day. It was kinda challenging and fun. Below is a shot taken at the department of visual marketing.

( At the visual marketing department )

The last program for today we got to shoot was the girls at the Make up artist department. And all of the sudden I found myself in a room full of heads. There are loads of “giving head” jokes I could pull right now.. But I’ll let you figure them out for yourself. Instead I wanna talk about the head found at the bottom right. What is she doing, and why is she blue? And what if she is alive? And what if she was the Nás-Gul in Avatar? Or was that the black riders in Austin Powers.. No, The Lord of the A-holes I mean.. Jeez. I don’t know. Just look at the picture. You’ll go bananas after a while, I know I did..

( Which one of these starred in Avatar? )

..and that was pretty much it. The last shot. Well, this particular night the girls were making some boys look like Eddie Izzard. This day was fantabulous!

( Becoming a drag Queen )

..have a great night people! Tomorrow the Tage is on his way to the Suomen Turku once again – this time I’m gonna shoot some pics for “Hanken”, Scandinavian Hanken.. No? Well, Åbo Akademi University – here I come, again…

// Tage – the everyday shooter

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  1. Nice day…awesome story!
    The girl in the last shot is SO beautiful! Not cute, not pretty, just…beautiful O.o

    And I’m lovin’ the new layout, dude!

  2. Oh, so you’ve checked out the new layout! Cool..
    I love it!

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