The Agonist – The Shots!

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Ready for another round of metal shots? Yes you are!

A bunch of days ago I got the privilege to metal frame a fantabulous show over at Nosturi in Helsinki. The Main act this evening was the Canadian rockers called The Agonist supported by the very fine Grendel.

Anywho, here you go, the best shots from The Agonist show, feast!

( The Agonist @ Nosturi – November 2010 – All shots by Tage )

This was my first time seeing The Agonist, and it will not be the last, this act was bloody fantastic. The fronter Alissa White-Gluz, the lady in blue, oh my God what a voice! Steer your fingers towards whatever it takes, you have to listen, see, feel and what not, you need to experience The Agonist!

—>>> The Agonist webworld!

Anyway, hope you liked my set of shots!

// Tage – The one who very much likes Alissa!

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