The 17th of May!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010


You thought that I wanted to discuss the Norwegian independence day didn’t you, or why Will Smith doesn’t fight with Danish aliens in the Nordic regions. And you were totally wrong!

The 17th of May is now obviously the day that the new Cajunga video “Dancing with the Boys” will air on youtube. I got this piece of news only minutes ago when I spoke to Ramedus, he got a hold of the date from the Cajunga vocalist Oskar Nyman – since the new single is released on this day, then clearly the video will be released the same day. The editing soup is now quite stirred, we have to hurry it up a bit, since we still have a few sequences to shoot with our gorilla, busy times call for desperate gorilla shots..

I love deadlines though, it gives me a “to do” thing and it’s easier to prioritize stuff. Still, the editing will not begin this week since Ramedus is in Ahvenanmaa counting pineapples with Thoby Loth and I have to be in Turku and Waasa the next couple of days. But we will make it, hopefully, I can almost assure you that, maybe.. No, we have to make it! It’s all about hard work, a fine bottle of wine and a massive amount of creative thoughts.

So, now you know. Start counting the days, cause the gorilla is entering the web in 13 days!

PS. I’m giving my first ever “seminar” on shooting music, groups, happenings, videos and concert pics this Thursday in Turku at a Fotoklubben Pictura happening. The “lecture-presentation-powerpointy-thing” takes about an hour and you are most welcome. The thing goes down in Turku at 6PM this Thursday at one of the the Åbo Akademi University auditoriums in Arken… For more info —>>> ( ).

//Tage – lecturer?

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