Tee-Off Amsterdam (2 days to go)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


This upcoming Saturday morning I’m off to Amsterdam with a couple of media partners to check out this years’ edition of the grand IBC 2011 convention. I’m expecting loads of hip cameras, the latest on 3D and a whole bag of new pens and commercial candy!

I visited the IBC 2010 last year, and it was great.

During our 4 days in the Dam (those of us who knows her call her that) there is alot of IBC-related stuff goin’ on. The great Philip Bloom is holding a show-n-tell of some sort, with a few camera buddies of his, in town, we are definitely gonna be guests at that happening, might be the greatest lecture of 2011. The Bloomster is known for everything camera.

However, there will be no James “Avatar” Cameron on my part. Sadly enough he is visiting the IBC dorms tomorrow when I have not arrived yet. Fuck. I was planning to lend him my extended exclusive Titanic DVD pack for the weekend, I bet he’d love that movie.

So, crystal meth or no crystal meth, either way – here I come, once again for the 4th time around, AmsterTage!

And by the way folks, this one is written using my mobile phone – I’m so 2012!

//Tage – IBC2011

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2 Responses to “Tee-Off Amsterdam (2 days to go)”

  1. Amsterdam…what a lovely place (or so I’ve heard).

    Have a great time there (once again!). And we* expect pictures from the thing!

    *we – the readers! I feel old enough to speak on behalf of everyone. And everyone else keeps their mouth shut, so yeah.

  2. Huheew, kinda fast commenting from our Bulgarian striker! The post is like 2 minutes old – but hey, I expect faster commenting next time, it has gotta be under 60 seconds.

    I’ll definitely give you guys a heap of shots from my journey!

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