Sturm und Pizza!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Righty! So, yes.. For old times sake. (Not the Japanese Koskenkorva).

This night was all about documenting the Sturm und Drang boys again, it was about making a pizza with the young metal dudes and having a piece of small talk about whatever.. The night was great and the film got some pretty nice comic flavors from an italian evening spiced up with Finnish sisu and some serious slices of bacon!

( The Metal Pizza )

Yes. Everything went down at André Linman’s place in Wasa. I went shopping for ingredients and suddenly I found myself rigged up with 3 cameras and 3 microphones in a kitchen filled with eager pizza men, pretty much like the teenage mutant ninja brats, or whatever those mice were called. Or was it the biker mice from Venus. I don’t remember, or do I? Where am I going with this? Spice Girls.

( The boys are setting up an Italian strategy )

I’m terribly sorry for not posting a large heap of shots from this pizza night, but I had to focus on the filming parts, so the still frames were kinda set aside. But at least I got some shots for blogging and posting. Next time I’ll be riper, better, faster, harded and even more scooter.

I believe that the material I got for the documentary from this night will be epic. Just imagine a small kitchen filled with metallic boys trying to arrange a Gordon Ramsey. And yes, neither of these fellas had previously cooked and baked a pizza, so it was very enjoyable to witness this. Eventually it all went well,and I believe that people will find these particular moments hilarious.

I even took the time to pull off an interview about pizzas and the metal future with André which turned out to be very successful. Sadly, I can’t post any clips or previews… You’ll just have to wait for the whole film.

( The Spanish city )

André is very much a cat person, so one of his cats joined us for some pizza feasting. Not fisting, mind you. Well, the cat wandered around in the ingredients and had a small bite of about everything. It probably just wanted to know what we were cooking right.

It’s a shame that I don’t remember the pussy’s name. It was some Spanish city. Madrid, Pasadena or Copenhagen. Although Copenhagen is not in Spain, it kinda sounds very cat-friendly, don’t you agree? Anyway, the night was great and I sincerely believe that the pizza footage and the storytelling will create great parts in the final film..

Have a great night folks. And remember to stay tuned for updates on everything. And yes, tomorrow – kick off in South Africa. Welcome World Cup!

// Tage – pizza boy!

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14 Responses to “Sturm und Pizza!”

  1. It’s Pasadena! Is it weird that I know that? Haha. I love fluffy cats…or just cats in general.
    But how was the pizza? I suppose you helped them, if it was their first time? Or did you all died from food poisoning and then came back to life, like Jesus did?

  2. ..Pasadena! That’s right! But how on earth did you know that? :) Woot?

    And yes, the pizza was great! And I did not help them out at all, it was all about a Sturm Pizza..! I think I liked the pizza more than they did.. :) Jesus had nothing to do with it, there was some talk about Judas, Judas Priest.. :)

  3. No hei prätkähiiret! Ehkä paras lastenohjelma ikinä 8) Ja aww miten sulonen kissa !

  4. Onks André muuten leikkauttanu hiuksiaan? Näyttää lyhyemmiltä.

  5. Prätkähiiret! :) Siinä oli vasta aksöniä! The Biker Mice from Mars!
    André oli vissiin käynyt parturilla tällä viikolla, ehkä ne otti muutamat hiuekset siitä letistä vekeen sitten.. Sulla on skarpit silmät!

  6. Niin oli, se oli mun lapsuuden lemppariohjelma :D Haha ehkä sattumalta kiinnitin huomiota hiuksiin koska iteki pitäis keksiä jotain uutta kesän kunniaks :p

  7. Rastat! :)

  8. Haha :D Rastat on kokeiltu jo vuosia sitten 8)

  9. :) Haha!

  10. The pizza looks somehow poisoned :D Idk why. Hey, and btw do you know if their twitter-accounts are the real ones? :S I’m not sure at all and I thought you might know…;)

  11. Loving the updates :D Do you know if the documentary will be on a special edition of the new album or will it just be a dvd?? I definitely plan on buying it :D

  12. Yu —>>> I just noticed that the guys have twitter-accounts. Gotta dig deeper into that matter, haven’t at least heard anything about them getting twitters. I’ll get back to you on that one as soon as I have a decent answer!

    Bek —>>> I can’t really say how the documentary is going to be released, I’ll blog about the subject as soon as I know more.. It’ll perhaps be a full-length movie, a tv-film or a tv-series witch later becomes a DVD.. Can’t really say. Hopefully it’ll be a full-length 120min documentary for the cinemas :) We’ll see..

  13. Thanks! I just checked twitter and now the accounts are deleted? So I guess they were fake. I hope you reply soon! :)

  14. Yes, they are deleted indeed.. So I guess you’re right – they were all fake profiles.. Sad. Hope they get real ones soon..

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