Sturm und Helsinki

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Yes, I just got home from a fabulous Sturm und Drang show held at D.O.M in Helsinki tonight.

I figured I’d give you two quick snaps from this very evening, so, here you go folks – Sturm und Drang in action once again! Check em’ out.

( Sturm und Drang – Joel Wendlin, the new bass monster! )

I’ll give you guys the rest of the shots in a future not too distant, so, feast your face on these while you are waiting for the whole set, here’s another one!

( Sturm und Drang – André Linman hits the floor! )

Thanks guys for an awesome show, I had a blast. Have a good one chaps!

// Tage – The Sturm Shooter

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3 Responses to “Sturm und Helsinki”

  1. Whoa! I’m jealous of the people, who got to see them live, only the 2-nd gig with the new bass player.
    Joel seems pretty cool, too. Love the jacket thing that’s going on! Is his playing as good as they say? And how was the gig in general? Damn it, I wish I was there!
    Can’t wait for the rest of the shots, PLEASE post them as soon as possible, this will probably be the next exciting thing my eyes shall lay their glaze upon.

    No pressure, thoough! :D

  2. Vitsi va najs bilder! Sätt in mera snart :)
    När å hur kommer SuD-dokumentären btw?

  3. Stef — The new bass monster Joel Wendlin was amazing, a real hero. The gig was also really great, the boys pulled off a bunch of new songs and the crowd gave them the thumbs up. Great!

    The shots will be up as soon as possible :) I’ll do my best!

    PG — Tack så myki, kul om du gillar!! Mera bilder snart.. Dokumentären ja, om jag säger som så, “he e nog på gång”, mera kan jag inte säga.. :)

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