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Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Well yes.

These last couple of days has been spent among the Sturm und Drang boys continuing my documentary film journey with the band.

Loads of things are goin’ on with the boys now as they have released their first single from the upcoming third record – quite recently the single “Molly the Murderer” hit pole position at the NRJ top10 charts  - Whuptidu!

And as there is alot happening in the Sturm world, alot is to be shot for the film – feels hefty.

And so I leave you with a memory from yesterday at the Sturm Camp – I give you, André.

( André Linman by Tage )

And hell yes, why not tag along with Molly a few times… The official music video (directed by Marko Mäkilaakso) will be out quite soon, excited. Hold on.

( Sturm und Drang – Molly the Murderer )

Have a great one champs!

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// Tage – Sturm und Tage

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