Friday, January 18th, 2013

So, yes!

This is what I’ve been working with the last couple of months, an upcoming reality docudrama tv-series on “school life” and “the search for a profession”.

The premier will go down on Yle Areena on the 15th of March, and the TV-premiere is set 2 days later on Yle Fem the 17th of March.

So, check out the first two teaser trailers from the upcoming “STUDIELIV – en serie om Gulnäbbar och Plugghästar” and be sure to enjoy!

( Studieliv teaser 1 – Magnus, Miia & Stefan )

( Studieliv teaser 2 – Maria, Janne & Niklas )

The show is following around 15-20 individuals in Svenskfinland for a 12-part series produced by Pampas Production and directed by Jonas Tuominen. I’ve been, and still do, editing this thing with a bunch of other hip fellas.

Be sure to follow the series on facebook for upcoming trailers, teasers and information on the series to come!

—>>> STUDIELIV on Facebook

Have a jolly weekend folky folks!

// Tage – StudieTage

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