Still in the works…

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Alrighty then..

The work involving the new Fredrik Furu feat. Pauline music video goes on, and it’s gonna be great! Ramedus arrived a couple of days ago in Wasa and we’ve been editing like crazy. The process has been moved from Helsinki to Wasa so that I can manage my documentary job at the same time.. Night time editing!

( Ramedus and Furu )

Yes, as the pic above displays, we got a nice celebrity visit from the man in the video, Fredrik Furu. He is starting to find things to his liking in what we have produced, and that makes us happy! The video is still not ready, well, we have different “completed” versions, but we have not yet managed to complete “the one”..

To get the one version to rule them all, we will perhaps have to do some more shooting over the weekend, so things are definitely moving forward.. We wanna make this thing something spectacular, we wanna make it grand, we wanna get that last finishing touch that makes the video awesome and complete. We’ll see how it goes..!

( Screenshots from the editing dorm at in Wasa )

Nothing else to declare.. Hope for the best. Soon, oh soon, the video shall be released to youtube for everyone’s pleasure..

//Tage – the director

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4 Responses to “Still in the works…”

  1. Tossa ekassa kuvassa on tosi siistit värit :)

  2. Kiitos! :)

  3. Spännade. Jag kan knappt bärga mig!!

  4. De e mycket jävla spännande ska ja säg!

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